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Dynasty of Tamriel (DoT)

Not just a brand, but a vibrant social community dedicated to the enjoyment of Elder Scrolls Online in true MMO fashion. Comprised of knowledgeable and helpful players, DoT offers a wealth of resources and encourages social interaction and collaboration among members. At Cru Shop, we are proud to offer a selection of products from the esteemed Dynasty of Tamriel brand, known for its commitment to community building and fostering camaraderie among gamers. From sleek and modern designs to intricate and luxurious pieces, our DoT collection reflects the spirit of inclusivity and friendship that defines this exceptional gaming community.



Cru is all about living the dream each and every day. While they mainly focus on playing Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), they also unwind with other games. Join the Cru on wild adventures as they explore the virtual worlds and conquer challenges together. At Cru Shop we are pleased to offer a range of products from the adventurous Cru brand. From gaming essentials to casual wear, our Cru collection is perfect for those who love gaming and relaxation in equal measure. Embrace the spirit of camaraderie and excitement with Cru's vibrant and dynamic designs.


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